new name, more of the same?

Anyone who has tried to register a website name will know how difficult it can be to get the name you want.  Its either been registered, or someone has the dot com.  Even if you try alternative words and combinations some other swine has it already.

So that's how terrapod came about.  I wanted something quite futuristic and 'funky' sounding and after about a million combinations of different words I was pretty happy - and unbelievably terrapod, an entirely made up word was already registered so I just went for the dot net.

Two years on, though, I am taking my photography more seriously, and I'm hoping the name change is one of the first [small] steps towards being professional - the name finally means something.

I must thank my friend Gordon (check out his revolutionary web based text to speech) who managed to come up with the name.

Why originallight then?  Well, landscape photography is entirely about light (or its absence) and its quality, nothing more, nothing less.  And original?  Well, no, there are plenty of photographers out there doing the same thing - but each shot you see is original, it is a moment captured that will never appear the same way again.  Finally at a more basic level, I hope to start selling very limited edition prints soon.  I hope people will want to get something a little bit different that you can't just buy in Athena or John Lewis.

So that's it then?  Believe it or not the whole website has been rewritten.  original light now complies with very strict webstandards and can now join the very few other sites out there that do.  What does it mean for you?  Well, it downloads faster for one.  If you have poor eyesight, you can resize the text and the site will change to accomodate you.  If you are disabled and can't use a normal browser, links and pictures have sensible text descriptions to help you know what is on screen.  Its a huge amount (weeks) of work that 95% of people will never notice, but its a more inclusive site and technically better.

Oh - and I can include these 'I am a webgod' icons below - damn there goes my professionalism!

(*new*) Further to my post I have since discovered that all the valid methods suggested for embedding flash have problems one way or another (not working on the mac, not streaming, etc) so I have resorted to embedding flash the old school way.  Its been a wrench but surely it is better to have a site that works properly for everyone than one that doesn't?  If they ever figure out a solution to the problem I will update it then!

And my code still validates, so I'm not taking off the icons.

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