the joys of spring

Well, I've been having masses of fun with photography recently. Having swapped the Hasselblad for a rectangular medium format camera I am feeling on familiar ground again. Many thanks to Martin who didn't publically ridicule me for getting rid of one of the world's finest cameras - hopefully the glut of new images will show it was the right decision.  For those of you who aren't photography freaks, I am using a medium format camera which means that the negatives or slides you get are much larger than the ones you get from a normal camera - hence the quality is far better. The drawback is that medium format cameras lose much of the point and shoot quality of normal SLRs and are much heavier and bulkier to lug around.  You also don't tend to get zoom lenses.  The upshot of this is that you have to take more time composing your shot or walk further (to zoom in)  You also have to calculate all the camera settings which takes a bit of thinking!

But that's half the fun.